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We at Quality Dental Cares Promise to Create a Stunning, Healthy Smile That You Can Enjoy for a Lifetime. Our Dentists and Team Listen to Each Patient and Fulfill Their Needs With a Wide Range of Services and State-of-the-art Technology.


The Dental Professionals at Quality Dental Cares Are Skilled and Practiced Doctors That Truly Care for Their Patients. Being the Best Dentist in Gorakhpur, We Love Giving Our Patients the Sparkling Smiles That They’ve Always Wanted and the Optimal Oral Health That They Deserve.


We provide a complete and comprehensive range of dental services so that you don't have to go from office to office to receive treatment. These services range from Dentures and Dental-Implants to tooth colored fillings and all categories in between.


 Who Are We?

We are a private practice located at 33 Kasiya road, Dubey Complex, Betiahata Gorakhpur.

Dr. Anshumali Srivastava at Quality Dental Cares Combines the Keen Eye and Patient Hand of an Artist With the Latest Scientific and Cosmetic Techniques to Provide Quality Dental Care, What is Among the Finest Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Available in the World Today.





























best dentist in gorakhpur

 Dr. Anshumali Srivastava

best dentist in gorakhpur 




Dr. Anshumali and His Professional Staff Are Highly Trained, Highly Skilled, and Always Mindful of Their Patient's Needs and Comfort. He is the Only Dentist to Be Voted by His Peers as the Best Dental professional in Gorakhpur for Over 5 Years!


Dr. Anshumali Srivastava  is Distinguished as a Top Laser and Cosmetic Dentist in Gorakhpur and Purvanchal Area.

He Has Been Featured as One of the Best Oral and Dental Health Care Provider in Gorakhpur Since 2015.


Dr. Anshumali at Quality Dental Cares Has Also Been Featured as Best Dentist in Gorakhpur by Various Social Media Channels and Websites Intended for Enhancing Overall Quality of Life. 


One of the Most Highly Skilled and Most Credentialed Dentists in the City of Yogi Goraksanath, Dr. Anshumali is a Senior Educator and Leader in Advanced Restorative, root Canal, Cosmetic and Laser Dental Procedures.


Dr. Anshumali Has Regular Patients for His Excellent Quality Dental Care From Gorakhpur, Purvanchal, Maharjganj, Kushinagar, Bihar, All Other Parts of Uttar Pradesh.

He Also Has Patients Who Travel to Visit Him From All other Parts of India, Nepal, Australia, United States Of America and Canada at His Dental Clinic Quality Dental Cares Located at Betiahata Gorakhpur, the Heart of the City . 


We all want to feel proud of our smiles and enjoy the best oral health possible. Through a multitude of general and cosmetic treatment options, Dr. Anshumali Srivastava and his team are here to accommodate your needs.


He and his team are diligent about delivering the best quality of care possible with compassion and integrity. You will find a friendly and hospitable environment in which to receive the quality of dentistry you deserve. You will be treated like family.


Dr. Anshumali believes in staying at the forefront of dentistry. He utilizes the latest technology in implant dentistry, Laser treatments, implant supported dentures, root canals, porcelain crowns, Orthodontic braces, tooth-colored fillings and cosmetic dentistry among others.A comprehensive list of our offerings is provided for you here on our website. Please look around or call us at +91-9795162550 for an appointment.


We have Power that Brings Smile on your Face.Our work defines our vision, Everyone works for quantity, we work for quality and hence "quality dental cares".

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Today’s most advanced dental treatments and Quality dental materials can give you a healthier, more complete smile that can last you a lifetime. we can help revitalize and maintain your teeth and gums, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.



      Our Dental services :


  • LASER dentistry

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Orthodontics

  • Endodontics

  • dental implants

  • prosthodontics

  • Periodontics

  • pedodontics

  • oral medicine & oral radiology

  • geriatric dentistry

  • Oral & maxillofacial Surgery


LASER Dentistry


A. Oral Surgery 

1. Surgery (both major & minor)

2. Treatment of abscess

3. Aphthous ulcer

4. Hemostasis

5. Curettage

6. Epulis

7. Irritation fibroma

8. Frenectomy

9. Gingivectomy prior to impression

10. Granuloma

11. Haemangioma

12. Removal of hyper plastic tissue

13. Bacterial reduction

14. Operculectomy

15. Flap surgery

16. Excisional biopsy

17. Retention cyst

18. Exposure of impacted teeth

19. Seeping haemorrhage

20. Sulcus preparation

21. Vestibuloplasty

22. Root end resection

23. Ankyloglossia


B. Periodontics

1. Flap surgery

2. Frenectomy

3. Gingival contouring/ Gingivectomy

4. Pocket treatment

5. Bacterial reduction

6. Curettage

7. Pocket reduction

8. Operculectomy

9. Decontaminate membrane

10. Internal bevel incision

C. Orthodontics
1. Bracket curing
2. Post orthodontic removal of residual cement
3. Exposure of impacted tooth

D. Paedodontics
1. Removal of caries in deciduous teeth
2. Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy procedure

E. Endodontics
1. Bleaching
2. Caries removal
3. Canal irrigation
4. Curing of cement
5. Removal of fractured restorations
6. Etching of the tooth
7. Root resection (Apicoectomy)
8. Smile design

F. Prosthodontics
1. Sulcus deepening
2. Vestibuloplasty
3. Crown contouring
4. Crown lengthening
5. Smile design




  • No anesthesia, no drill.

  • Less blood loss, less pain hemostatic, analgesic effect.

  • Reduce post operative edema.


  • Less post-operative scarring.

  • Initial healing, rapid regeneration, reduce post sensitivity in restorations.

  • Dressing & suturing is not required for wound closer.

  • Less chances of metastasis.

  • Sterilization of treatment site.

  • Laser exposure to tooth enamel causes a reduction in caries activity.

  • The patient becomes free of fear & anxiety.

  • Advantageous for medically

  • compromised patients.



The face is the best recognizable feature of a person. The mouth, which incorporates the lips, cheeks, jaws, enamel, and gums, makes up the lower 0.33 of the face. Cosmetic (or aesthetic) dentistry may provide profound advantages to the high-quality of life for those humans who want it.


Cosmetic dentistry may be categorised as skeletal or dental. Skeletal changes may be completed via oral surgery, that can trade the placement of the jaws. Dental changes can be finished by using either including to, removing from, or transferring the teeth. The most commonplace materials to feature to enamel to alternate their appearance are composite bonding, a tooth-colored plastic, porcelain veneers or laminates.


Taking away teeth structure is done with a drill in which a mild amount of the enamel is removed (enameloplasty), it is known as sculpting or reshaping, and nothing is subsequently delivered. If a more sizeable amount of tooth is removed, then porcelain can be added in a brand new position. Moving tooth is performed with braces, which can be both fixed or removable(orthodontics).

Cosmetic dentistry 


Orthodontics, division of dentistry managing the prevention and adjustment of anomalies of the teeth—for the most part involving the fixing of crowded teeth or the correction of a poor bite, or malocclusion (physiologically unsuitable contacts of dentition, which might be brought about by defective turn of events, loss of teeth, or strange development of jaws).


It is very important for us to know the sequence of eruption of teeth (emergence of the tooth from its developmental crypt into the oral cavity), because such knowledge helps to determine the position of the teeth. Human bone responds best to tooth movement before age 18, and consequently orthodontic work is usually more beneficial to a child than to an adult. 


Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Endodontics manages the treatment of infections within the tooth, including the pulp chamber, root canals, and adjacent tooth structures.


Root canal treatment and bleaching of nonvital discolered teeth are standard treatment provided by Quality Dental Cares.


Quality Dental Cares focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and root canal treatment (RCT)and other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth. In many cases, a diseased tooth can be saved with endodontic treatment. With the help of most advanced dental Lasers, we at Quality Dental Cares are able to save failed Root canal treatments in the past successfully . For this reason, we proudly refer to ourselves as Specialists in Saving Teeth.

Dental Implants

A dental Implant or inserts is an artificial tooth root. It serves to connect artificial teeth to the hidden jawbone. Dental implants might be imagined as screws, and the jawbone might be viewed as a bit of wood. Under this similarity, a screw would be transformed a large portion of its length into a bit of wood, and an artificial tooth would be stuck to the piece of the screw anticipating over the wood. The tooth would be immovably joined to the screw, which thus would be solidly embeded in the wood.


A solitary dental Implant might be utilized for one missing tooth. Four to eight dental implants might be put in a jaw that is missing all the teeth or there is considerable loss of number of teeth. 


Dental implants need to be placed in an adequate amount of bone that is free of infection. Sometimes surgical procedures are first necessary either to clean out existing infection or to create more bone for implantation procedures, such as bone ridge augmentation or nasal sinus elevation. The surgery to place the dental implants themselves is similar to that of tooth removal.


Implant dentistry has evolved into a very predictable treatment option for many people at present.


Prosthodontics is about the rebuilding and support of oral capacity, solace, appearance, and wellbeing by the substitution of missing teeth and surrounding tissues with artificial substitutes, or prostheses. 


The best possible fitting of oral prostheses requires a point by point information on the vital structures of the head and neck, of the physiology of the neuromuscular framework, and of the study of impediment and jaw developments.


It additionally requires ability in arranging, mouth readiness, impression making, enrollment of jaw relations, attempt in systems, arrangement of the prostheses, and follow-up care.


Quality Dental Cares have unique preparing in the development and position of (fixed) and removable dentures for the substitution of missing teeth. 


Periodontics includes treating the periodontal infections. Quality dental considerations offers different treatment choices acoording to patient's need.


Periodontics, deals with anticipation, conclusion, and treatment of useful and basic diseases of the periodontal ligament and related tissues that encompass and bolster the teeth. Degeneration or irritation of these tissues can be brought about by different foundational or neighborhood illnesses or by poor oral cleanliness. 


Most ordinarily, periodontal illnesses are brought about by solidified microscopic organisms, called bacterial plaque, which holds fast to teeth and crushes periodontal tissue. The most predominant periodontal illness is periodontitis, aggravation of the periodontium. In the event that untreated, periodontitis prompts resorption of the bit of the jawbone that bolsters the teeth. 


Quality dental cares provides following periodontal treatment to the patients-


  • Non-Surgical Treatments 

  • Gum Graft Surgery 

  • Laser Treatment 

  • Regenerative Procedures 

  • Laser Crown Lengthening 

  • Dental Implants 

  • Pocket Reduction 

  • Laser Surgery Procedures


Pedodontics, additionally spelled paedodontics, dental claim to fame that manages the consideration of youngsters' teeth. The pedodontist is broadly worried about anticipation, which remembers guidance for appropriate eating regimen, utilization of fluoride, and practice of oral cleanliness.


The pedodontist's standard practice manages caries (tooth decay) yet incorporates impacting tooth arrangement. Long treatment might be required to address nascent variations from the norm in tooth position. Supports or other remedial devices might be utilized. 


The pedodontist needs tolerance and a fundamental information on youngsters' personal conduct standards, just as an information on the impacts on the mouth of physical and mental issue. In the United States a two-year postgraduate course commonly prompts an endorsement in pedodontics.


Oral Medicine And Maxillofacial Radiology

Oral medicine and Radiology, identify and treats the various diseases that influence both the skin and the oral mucous layers. A portion of these ailments, for example, Pemphigus vulgaris, can build up their first appearances in the mouth and can be perilous.


Oral malignant growth additionally has a high death rate, mostly in light of the fact that it develops in such nearness to such a large number of vital structures and promptly invades them.


With every single such infection of the oral cavity, Incision of a segment of the lesion or Excision (complete removal) for assessment under the microscope (biopsy) is a fundamental method, and numerous other research facility techniques are regularly likewise required for the confirm diagnosis of oral mucosal lesions.


Oral Radiology concerned with the production and interpretation of radiographic images, including CT and MRI scans, CBCT, Ultrasound and PET scans that are used for the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders and conditions of the mouth, face and jaws.

Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric dentistry is care about the oral strength of old people, who for the most part have huge clinical issues and are taking numerous meds. What's more, they may have mental and financial issues that require advanced dental administration.


A fundamental reason of geriatric dentistry is that older individuals regularly experience manifestations of dental destruction and gingival (gum) issue that contrast from side effects experienced by more youthful individuals. Dental treatment for the older is in this way equipped to any physical and mental impediments they may have.


Poor oral wellbeing in the older can prompt loss of craving, lack of healthy sustenance, metabolic clutters, and even, in instances of facial distortion, the beginning of discouragement. Periodontal ailment has been connected to coronary illness, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and different sicknesses. With the quantity of old people of cutting edge age (85 years or more established) with mental clutters, for example, Alzheimer sickness arriving at pandemic extents, dental administration of influenced people has become a significant test in clinical dental practice.


The older regularly take numerous meds, which have antagonistic reactions, for example, dry mouth, a significant reason for dental decay. The impacts of maturing bring about changes in lip pose, biting productivity, and capacity to swallow and taste and in an expansion in ailments of the hard and soft palate of the mouth.


Despite the fact that most of the older hold their common teeth, dental decay, periodontal sickness, and loss of teeth in people beyond 65 years old have arrived at critical extents. This excess of oral issue requests instruction, look into, and progressed clinical preparing in geriatric dentistry.


At Quality Dental Cares, we provide and take care of such patients at maximum priority. 

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental specialty that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of the diseases, injuries, and defects of the human mouth, jaw, and associated structures.


The most common oral surgery procedure is tooth extraction. Other dental problems that require the skill of an oral surgeon include treatment of cysts (liquid- or semisolid-filled sacs), tumours, lesions, and infections of the mouth and jaw.


More complex problems that are dealt at Quality Dental Cares include impacted WISDOM TOOTH removal, jaw and facial injuries, cleft palate, cleft lip, and placement of implants


Laser Oral surgery has special role in dentistry because (1) the lips and the cheeks limit access to jaw and palate; (2) the tongue and the lower jaw move; (3) the oral cavity opens into the pharynx (the passageway for air and food); and (4) the oral region is continually being flooded with saliva and is inhabited by the largest number and greatest variety of microorganisms found in the human body.

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